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Jul 17, 2014
@ 12:01 pm
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I’m off to Durham for the Zine Librarian (un)Conference, which is only my most favorite professional development activity all year. I may never managed to make zines take up a full line in my job description, but zine librarianship has taught me some of the most salient lessons about outreach, community building, ethics, and the importance of access. Also, it has helped me make friends with badass librarian heroes like jennafreedman and clpzines

Okay, I know this is my second lovefest post about zine libraries this week, so I’ll stop kvelling, but seriously. Look at those jazzhands! Can’t wait to see what awaits us at the Sallie Bingham Center

  1. mustachequeer said: I am so jealous! Have fun and take lots of pictures and notes!
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    Ah! What you said, and also rightback atcha!
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